E.I. could lead to suicide :(


We’re very glad you had Logistics handy to listen to in order to treat the suicidal thoughts you were having.

Evol Intent

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  • eLav8

    LOL….fn classic. Seems to be the only negative review I have read about the album. I am very glad that EI isn’t your momma’s dnb. That is what has set them apart from the crowded/watered down genre for many years.

  • Jared Armstrong

    ahhahahaha! the fact that people still use genres to define music astounds me! not to mention, blog about it on the internet as if someone gave a fuck about their opinion in the first place! jesus christ, that’s gold!

  • Connor

    Evol Intents new album may not have been d’n’b in the classical sense, but the way i see it, it wasn’t trying to be…
    The album had an excellent message and some very very good songs, we don’t need other people to tell us whether or not its good, we can listen and decide for ourselves thanks. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    loved the album, loved it…

    jack = c0ck


  • Anonymous

    bad taste and acting gay makes jack a very dull boy….

  • Nick

    There’s just different types of DNB, if I want to get rowdy, I’ll listen to Evol, if i want to chill, I’ll listen to liquid!

  • Filmore Mescalito Holmes

    If he doesn’t think Era Of Diversion is amazing regardless of any banal genre classification, he should commit suicide. He’s already dead where it counts.

  • Anonymous

    all of the above

  • Spkka

    w00t blog, never knew! <3
    I cut my wrist twice last week because of it.
    Nah, i used to listen a lot of idm though, and still like your rough dnb sound way better. But its good. Artists shouldn't be doing 1 and the same thing. A full dnb album would be sweet tho! Your rough sound, which ewun also got kicks ass in my opinion. Not so tight and phat, compressed to shit beats 😉 OIIOI hit the netherlands soon. I wanna party again )

  • globiks

    If “In The Middle of the Night” and “I’m Happy Your Grave Is Next To Mine” were females I would fuck them in a second. I daydream about creating such mega-fun songs.

  • soundcloud/edamage

    …i bet he actually almost killed himself cause he’s still stuck in 1997 playing crash bandicoot…evol-ve