Spor / 5 Question Interview

Our good friend Spor is the next subject of our 5 question interview series. Spor is a world reknown drum and bass sensation, who also has been gaining major attention in the electrohouse scene under the “Feed Me” moniker, having recently released on Deadmau5’s Mau5trap Recordings. Find out more after the jump.

EI: What do you miss most about being a kid?
SPOR: When I think about it no one thing really shines out. I was lucky to always have my family there for me, although socially I was usually a loner when I was young. I think it’d be more a case that it would be nice to relive some moments that have always stayed with me, rather than one particular thing I see as something I miss.

EI: Do you feel like you’re getting what you want out of writing music?
SPOR: I think gratification for writing music comes in short bursts. There are occasional times when I’m playing to an audience and something will just happen than makes the whole process make sense. Chris and I played the last Hardware at the End this week, and when the first track dropped in it was one of those; there’s cheering, suddenly everyone’s moving and the bass is making your clothes shake – and you get total clarity.

For me a lot of the rest of the time it’s more a feeling of chasing something, like a name you can’t quite remember but it’s on the tip of your tongue. But that’s what keeps me trying, complacency is the enemy I think. If I ever doubt my motivation I can look at those clear moments and think ‘aha’.

EI: What’s your favorite memory from hanging out with all of us back at the old house in Atlanta?
SPOR: I can sit and grin/cringe about times from there for ages, there’s way too many to pick one – It was epic in retrospect. Smashing a 90’s laser printer with an axe and eating a chunk of knick’s old phone stand out as some of the more destructive ones. Josh doing the ‘cock-o-clock’ thing then naked dry humping/fighting his mate and getting a beer poured in his arse has scarred me for life although I think that’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. The Cheetah on my birthday, hangover recovery at the Flying Biscuit. Drunken Existentialist chat with Jake. Mike’s glorious voice resonanting through the building. I could go into the girl stuff but then it gets way too weird…

I think one of the things that I got lucky with through Barcode was landing in with you lads and Jake…it really helped me stay mostly grounded through pretty bizarre times but at the same time provided a massive amount of opportunities for lunatic behaviour. Fuck it move back there.

EI: Well how about this…. Will you promise right now to come out to the states and hang out with us sometime soon?
SPOR: Swear on Mike’s hair.

EI: Good. Okay, well one last question then…. Have you ever killed an animal?
SPOR: Not really. Maybe squashed some bugs as a kid, always remembered hitting a slug by accident on my pushbike when I was tiny also…no idea why. I was usually the kid that would disturb the teacher in our lesson by catching the spider everyone was trying to kill and taking it outside; always loved animals. Having said that I’m no vegetarian, but I do try and buy free range and not intensively farmed produce. So uh, no?

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