The Upbeats / 5 Question Interview

We recently met up with Jeremy of the The Upbeats in a Burger King bathroom and asked him 5 compelling questions. Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know after the jump…

EI: what do you think about corn dogs?

UPBEATS: corn dogs = hotdogs right ?

EI: good answer… what did you do last friday night?

UPBEATS: recovering, in pain. seriously… dont recommend copious amounts of alcohol climaxing with bubbly/champage followed by vertical bungy… not a good look. so yeah,… last friday was recovery from that.

EI: we know a thing or two about recovery. seen any good movies lately?

UPBEATS: not really. although i havent had a chance to check out burn after reading yet. but otherwise nothing to write home about of late.

EI: have you ever killed an animal?

UPBEATS: yeah. a long time ago, late at night, i was walking home in the dark, and i stood on a hedgehog. i couldn’t see it, but it was the worst, feeling it crush under foot. bad times. otherwise i have vague memories of going possum hunting when i was younger, with dad. (but they’re a pest in nz, so thats kinda okay) oh yeah what about fish ? do they count.. if so loads.. used to fish heaps as a kid.

EI: what was the name of that bully guy on back to the future?

UPBEATS: damn… ummm, i know i can get this. gimme a minute. i was talking about him with dylan the other day…argh. this has me…………………..its like biff or some shit.

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