New Evol Intent Blog feature: 5 Question Interviews feat. EWUN

So, we have some good friends who we thought may enjoy answering 5 random questions we (and other friends) come up with. This is the official first one with our hombre, Ewun.
We just put out his “Wun Nation” EP on Evol Intent Recordings, so go buy that asap! Digital coming soon. Get the hard vinyl here: Chemical Records UK Breakbeat Science USA

Interview after the jump…


1. What song bothered you the most in 2008?

Ewun: “Auto-tune”

2. What’s your favorite memory of Gigantor?

Ewun: “Probably our tour in Europe this past year. That was hilarious. Epic lolz ya’ll.”

3. Is it true that you once told a crowded dance floor that you would “F$%K every single one” of them “in the ass” if you could and if so, why?

Ewun: “Yes. I don’t know why I said that.”

4. What’s the longest boner you’ve ever held without the use of chemical supplements?

Ewun: “12 Inches… It was mine.”

5. Why you gotta play me out?

Ewun: “Because that’s what Mayhem does. He plays people out.”

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