Free Plugins

To break the ice on the production front, here’s a link to two plugins I heart:

I’m an avid Logic Pro/Studio user, and even though the built in plugs are good, I often find myself needing a few extra plugins. I get asked fairly often what some of my favorite plugs are, so to get started, here are two free plugins I use constantly, ready for your downloading exitement:
The W1 Limiter. They make released an AudioUnit of this a while back. It works very well at cloning Wave’s L1. With this at your side plus the standard Logic plugins, you’ll never really need the overpriced Waves Platinum/Diamond stuff.
Massey TapeHead Medium. Analog Saturation is crucial to just about anything drum and bass related, and this plug-in is quite convincing. I wish Massey would have furthered AU development, but this is his one and only audio unit development.
These plugs look like ass, but they sound great. Happy chune making bruvs and luvs.

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