Kemal – Hostile (Legion of Dong bootleg)

I’ve been asked about this track many times, now it’s available for free download from our friends in Gein’s soundcloud. Go get it here!

“What began as shenanigans has grown into somewhat of a cult classic, so to speak. Enter the Legion Of Dong. To say it was the brainchild of anyone would be giving to much credit to brains, period. It pays more tribute to that things real men find behind their zipper when the have to piss. And the “brain” behind that is pure idiocracy and the “i just don’t give a fuck” attitude… Trust us this story is going somewhere.

One fine drunken evening, fellow drunken L.O.D. members Gigantor, of Evol Intent, GEIN members abel and saint, and former GEIN member butcher (now working under the guise of Blaqcix) were at a party, and somehow Kemal’s “Hostile” came up in the conversation. Being the true men that they are, they all decided that the tune really needed to get a good “fixing up”, or L.O.D. makeover. We all know the stigma behind the original tune, never being released and all, but in this day and age with bootlegs being as popular as tweets and donks on shitty old cars, they all decided what the hell… and gave it a go. And boy did it go. Worldwide, the tune demolished dancefloors, and the masses began to wonder how they could get their hands on it… the tune… not the Dong itself.

Three years later, with feedback and buzz still stirring, L.O.D. decided it was just about time to offer it to everyone and speed the gospel. So hear you go ladies and gentlemen, Dongs can be nice guys too. Enjoy this tune, because we all still do.



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  • Thomas

    I lost my copy of this. It isnt available on Soundcloud anymore……I need it again…please please please