Ahhight yall, here it is!

We bring you a blistering laptop-live mix, based on performances from
the fall 2009 tour. Defying genres, this mix has moments of drum and bass,
dubstep, hiphop and everything in-between.

Accompanying this live mix is an EP of remixes and edits exported and extended for
DJ sets. Included in this EP are some of the top requests we received along the
These tunes include:
– ‘The Rewards is More Cheese (Evol Intent Live Edit)’ : This is a remix of Deadmau5’s
smash hit ready for drum and bass sets.
– ‘Binary Calling’ : a mashup of Evol Intent’s remix of Tech Itch/Kemal’s ‘the
Calling’ with Binary Finary’s seminal trance classic ‘1998.’
– ‘Champion Sound’ (Evol Intent Dubstep Edit) : a classic amongst most drum and
bass heads, Q-Project’s ‘Champion Sound’ is updated for the dubstep crowd.
– Raven (Evol Intent Ravenstep Remix) : this is Evol Intent’s dubstep take on
Proxy’s big tune ‘Raven.’
– Calle Ocho (Evol Intent Dubstep Remix) – This is Pitbull’s massive hit
(otherwise known as “I Know You Want Me”) re-imagined as dubstep.


If you like the mix/tunes and are feeling generous, feel free to tip us here: http://tinyurl.com/tipevlntnt


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  • Wony Tare

    And I thought the way Gigantor never forgot about the balls was awesome, but this is the straight-up reacharound.

  • Randall Goodner

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  • Elian Gonzalez

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  • Conviction

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    Nice to see you’ll be posting on DOA again. Needs some decent names to look up to these days. :slayer:

    When are you next coming to England?

  • effyin' stone-'em

    we need a new album! 🙂

  • SidCounter

    awesome like always.

  • SidCounter

    vote up 😀

  • Holy hell!!! I lov3 you guys! It’s been a blast witnessing your progress from the early days. Back when Knick & Mike did a live “internet battle” with AJ and Evol began to form. All I have to say is keep it coming!

  • You guys fuck shit up. I love it.

  • glerchOne

    big up, many thx guys!!!

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  • Nausie

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  • Ben XO

    First Mike in a blonde wig and now this… love you guyyyyssss

  • The Goat

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  • helpme

    Anyone got a track listing for this amazing mix?

  • aaalex

    anyone know the dubstep song that starts @ 29:46 i’ve heard it before but cant remember it for shit.

  • Jeff

    This is the best I can do. Probably wrong as wrong on a lot of these, but…

    0:00 “Supersharp Shooter” Dj Zinc/Ganja Kru
    1:16 “Brown Paper Bag” Roni Size (music) vs. “A Milli” Lil Wayne (rap)
    3:49 ???
    5:38 ???
    6:22 “Smash” – The Upbeats feat. Evol Intent & Ewun
    9:44 “Champion Sound” – Evol Intent & Q-Project
    12:00 “Messiah” – Konflict (Noisia remix)
    15:17 “Flipside” – Evol Intent feat. Blip
    17:08 “Middle Of The Night” – Evol Intent
    19:22 “Can’t Punish Me” – Dom & Roland
    20:27 “Time War” – Evol Intent & Eye-D
    22:20 “Ghost Town” – Shiny Toy Guns (Evol Intent remix)
    25:11 “Levitate” – Spor, Ewun, & Evol Intent
    26:49 “Death, Lies, & Videotape” – Evol Intent
    28:13 “Raven” – Proxy (Evol Intent VIP mix)
    28:54 “I Know You Want Me“ – Pitbull (Evol Intent remix)
    29:54 “The Foreward” – Evol Intent (??? remix)
    31:38 “The Rapture” – Evol Intent
    33:28 “Real Talk” – Evol Intent feat. Arsenic
    34:56 “Glock Party” – Evol Intent
    37:36 “8 Bit Bitch” – Evol Intent
    40:48 “Odd Number” – Evol Intent
    42:43 ???
    43:05 ???
    43:45 ???
    45:02 “Street Knowledge” – Evol Intent
    46:30 “Corrupt Cops” – Pish Posh (Evol Intent remix)
    49:12 “Binary Calling” – Evol Intent vs. Technical Ich vs. Binary Finary
    53:38 “The Reward Is More Cheese” – Deadmau5 (Evol Intent remix)
    55:26 “Reality Check” – Evol Intent
    56:51 “Horns & Halos” – Evol Intent (Ewun remix)
    57:40 “Dead On Arrival” – Evol Intent
    1:00:00 “Get Ur Freak On” – Missy Elliott (??? remix)
    1:02:28 “Double Glock” – Evol Intent
    1:03:24 “Dead Wrong” – Notorious B.I.G. (??? remix)
    1:04:00 “Grinding” Clipse (music) ??? (rap)
    1:05:40 ???
    1:07:20 “The Curtian Falls” – Evol Intent
    1:10:22 “Maybe We’ll Dance Tomorrow” – Evol Intent

  • 011 416

    LOVE IT!!!