DSP project interview

I did an interview for the DSP project while I was on tour in Europe this summer. Producers take note: it’s fairly in-depth on the engineering and production front.

This is a four part series, check out part two, part three and part four as well.



This…is amazing. In the spirit of the upcoming elections here in the states, I felt like it’s worth sharing. 😛


In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen this yet, check it out:

For those who are unfamiliar, Ludachrist is Knick’s mashup project with Ewun (aka Kill The Noise). October 31st, Talk Is Cheap! Check out http://www.worshipludachrist.com for more info.



Ahhight yall, here it is!

We bring you a blistering laptop-live mix, based on performances from the fall 2009 tour. Defying genres, this mix has moments of drum and bass, dubstep, hiphop and everything in-between.

Accompanying this live mix is an EP of remixes and edits exported and extended for DJ sets. Included in […]

Why hello there internets!

Yes, we know we’ve been quiet here on our blog. We’re sorry if we’ve neglected you, but we do still love you. To prove it tomorrow we will bring you all some rad new music. Keep it locked here!