Converse X UNDFTD – Poorman’s Weapn

Can we post clothing and fashion related items on the Evol Intent blog? Yes. Yes we can!

So, buy us these sweet ass shoes and give them to us at our next gig in your city. Sizes 11 – 14 will be fine. We’re big guys.


Telefon Tel Aviv

Since we are a music-oriented blog, I figured we might as well post some music already, but it’s a shame we have to do so on such a sad note. I found out today that Charles “Charlie” Cooper, half of the group Telefon Tel Aviv died last week. Charlie Cooper will be missed, as his […]

Lifted Podcast 13!

We haven’t posted anything in a bit. This probably has a lot to do with us doing some DJ gigs, getting down in our studios, and some mid-week partying, IE Nick and myself getting absolutely wrecked for my birthday celebration. 😛

Anyways, we have something tasty for the drum and bass heads, the newest Lifted […]

The Crystal Method Shreds!

I’m sure most of you have seen the ‘_____ shreds’ series on youtube from stsanders. Well, Machine Drum has done something similar and used Crystal Method as his victim and the outcome is absolutely hilarious.

Also, I’ve got to send shoutouts to our buddy, ediT, and his twittering for bringing this to my attention.


Spor / 5 Question Interview

Our good friend Spor is the next subject of our 5 question interview series. Spor is a world reknown drum and bass sensation, who also has been gaining major attention in the electrohouse scene under the “Feed Me” moniker, having recently released on Deadmau5’s Mau5trap Recordings. Find out more after the jump.