‘Era Of Diversion’ LP Free Download!

Seven years ago today we released our politically charged LP ‘Era Of Diversion.’ For the next week we will celebrate the anniversary of the release with a free download of the CD version of the album. Enjoy!

Winners Announced in Middle Of The Night Remix Contest!

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered!!

Round One Finalists in the Middle Of The Night Remix Contest Announced!

Here’s our initial Top 40 in no particular order. We want to send an especially heartfelt thanks to everyone who competed, we’re blown away by the originality and quality of these remixes!!!

The next tier of winners coming soon!

The Under The Radar EP AVAILABLE NOW!

The Under The Radar E.P. Available now on all fine digital stores.

1) Under The Radar
2) Jim Skynner (Featuring EYE-D)
3) Cognitive Divergence
4) Noscope
5) This Is Not A Dream
6) Suicide (EYE-D Remix)
7) Under The Radar (VIP mix)

Some places to purchase this EP:

Evol Intent – Noscope [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Available on the “Under The Radar” EP out December 16th 2014. Preorders available on iTunes.